September 2015 Minutes

Meeting called to order at: 7:32
Number of attendees: 19

July meeting minutes accepted at 7:33 by NV1P, seconded by K1FC

Vice-President (Charles, N1LLL) report: Nothing much to report, we’ve done some stuff with the repeaters, haven’t figured out how to prevent stepping on each other, but we’re working on it.

Treasurer (Jim, K1FC) report: The club’s finances are in pretty good shape, unfortunately we didn’t make as much money at AWA sellling as we usually do. Tim and Jim went up to Boxboro to see if that was a valid alternative to AWA, and we may go up there instead next year. Read More →

Meeting Topic – September 9

Jon WB2RYV will be discussing some of the Windows 10 upgrading issues, including various security/privacy issues.

Summer Picnic – Come one come all – RSVP now

The joint GNARC/SARA picnic is this coming Sunday, August 23rd at 3:30 pm.

Address: 43 Wyndover Lane Stamford, CT.  Map:

Those who have been before know this is the best event of the year! In order to plan for food and drink WE MUST KNOW if you are coming. Please RSVP by Wednesday at 10pm.

Those who tell us they are coming get first dibs on food and drink. You are welcome to come even if you don’t RSVP, but you may go hungry. Yes, there will be a list….

Bring a side dish please and a chair if you want to sit down. There will be tables.

Email or call Sam, NV1P. Tell someone on the repeater or at the comm center.

Email list problems?

If you are having troubles getting the GNARC emails from the reflector, please contact John, N1OLO. His email address is “his callsign” at Check your SPAM filter first!!

July 2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:39.

Paul hosted a CERT net on Tuesday, July 6th. Ten CERT members recently got their licenses, and five or six have radios. Keep an ear out for calls starting with KC1E. If they key up, please talk to them!

Treasury report: We had to open a new account to save money on fees, we have paypal switched over and new checks will have GNARC on them! Everything will be above board by the end of the month. Good on money in the club account.

New Business:

Equipment upgrades – we’ll be adding a few more low pass filters for better station isolation and perhaps upgrading the triplexer and its filters for next FD. W3NQN makes good commercial-grade filters. We’ll put a diagram together with costs for various filters and come to a consensus on what we want to get that’s effective and reasonably priced. Steve (K1RF) along with Curt and Charles will be spearheading this effort.

We need signage! GNARC Comm Center on our door, lawn sign, maybe one down the street. Greg at the mailbox store may do magnetic signs.. $250 budget for signage passed, 10 approved, none opposed.

We need to assemble an antenna work party. $400 budget was passed for new support structure for dipole. Nine passed, none opposed, one abstention.

We’d like to update the field day computers to Windows 7. If you have a windows 7 computer that you’re getting rid of, please consider giving the key to us.

Wanna buff out the floor? It’s looking pretty rough and could use some TLC. Jim has a buffer! We can buy pads for it and use it. Yay!

We should think about getting a CS-800 for DMR for the club station – there’s no reason for us not to have one. If there is an emergency, ARES will handle it, and they operate off DMR, so if we want to be involved in ARES, we have to have one. $295 plus shipping. 10 passed with two abstentions. Motion to get a CS-800 passes.

Field Day Wrap-up: 3200 points total. 11 members showed up, and there were only eight operators, five of which were below 10% of total points. It was a good experiment to have it at the comms center, but we’ll be at Vet’s Park next year.

In the near future, we’d like to operate smaller contests, such as Winter Field Day, from the comm center. We’d love to have you!

WE STILL NEED A LOCATION FOR THE PICNIC! Cranbury Park is $270, so please donate your lawn/yard if at all possible.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00.

Beam is fixed

The beam has been repaired. During field day, it was noticed that the SWR was jumping around. One of the metal pieces that comprises the log periodic part of the antenna was loose, so as the antenna moved, the connection was intermittent.

Thanks to N1LLL, W1FSM, N1PLH, N1ZD, WB2JVB, AB1QK, W1DVE for assisting during various work sessions! And thanks to FD for providing a safe platform for us.

June 2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:39. Members in attendance: 14

Minutes from last meeting accepted by W1GIG and KC1FB.

Treasurer report: We’re in good shape! The bank is trying to charge us a fee for the account, but KC1FB is going to fight it with advice from K1FC.

Old Business:

American Legion Tribute to Veterans and Touch-a-Truck, headed by George, went really well! Demonstrations of police dogs, World War Two memorabilia and reenactors were some of the attractions. We had an HF station set up there and operated off battery power from 11 AM to 6:15 PM, so we did a great job. We’ve been invited back for next year. Civil air cadets and high school students were interested in our station, so we may have gotten a few new hams as well. Read More →